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We help the visionary business owner, ambitious professional, pioneering entrepreneur, and dynamic team who seek to elevate their influence.

Leadership & Team Training

Leadership & Communication Mastery with our 9-step ‘Core Language Upgrade’ Blueprint.

1:1 Coaching

Bespoke coaching programs, designed for you. For consistent, long-lasting progress and transformation.

TED(style) talk / performance / experience

A unique, one-of-kind, inspirational key-note speech, that is also a performance and an interactive experience.
We’ve taken 1000’s of individuals and teams through our 9-step ‘Core Language Upgrade’ Blueprint and the results speak for themselves.
“I feel super reassured to have been able to authentically connect with the other staff. It surpassed all my expectations.

I feel really grateful to have been part of Amy’s training.”
Angela Cotton
“A wonderful experience!

Totally motivating & inspiring

Thank you”
G Clarke
Business Owner
“Amy exudes compassion, non-judgment, confidence, and she truly walks the walk. Working with her has supported me to become much more empowered and know and accept myself more deeply.

Amy has hugely inspired, encouraged, and guided me to work with people and hold my own groups. I recommend her all the time and I am so grateful to have found her!”
Janice Baleson
Head of Textiles, Stockholm University

That all sounds lovely, but why should I care? I’m busy and I’ve got work to do…


No matter how excellent your product, service or idea is, you still have to spend a lot of time ‘in the weeds’, so to speak.   Daily jobs, admin and managing takes up your precious time and energy….


Get your message, your vision and your mindset so clear that your clients, prospects and team, are one step ahead of you.

World-class communication, leadership, confidence & influence…

These are an art form as well as a science.

The bottom line…

Clarity and precision of communication = working less and earning more.  

Our clients say -

‘Valuable beyond measure’

Get in touch now, ride the excitement, follow your curiosity and let your wholehearted (AF) journey begin today!

“Wholehearted AF’s head coach, and all-round inspirational performer and speaker, Amy Guerrier, is a tour-de-force for your trainings and events”

In this article you will learn practical steps to being more playful in your work and life, the incredible benefits of adopting a playful mindset at work and why ‘playfulness’ goes way way further than mindfulness.

We take a deep dive into the qualities that make people trustworthy.

You may like to explore these ideas by yourself or with your colleagues.

There are currently around 5 million entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK alone and an impressive 1.4 million couples run a business together.  We find this staggering and equally inspiring & motivating.  

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